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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The Future of Education: Online Learning

1. Stay connected with peers

  • Staying connected to your classmates can save you from being left behind. While you may be working from home you are not alone. Creating online study dates can help you stay on top of school and ward off lonliness. Your classmates can help you keep up with assignments, deadlines, and answer questions or concerns.

2. Don't study on your bed!

  • This is self explanitory. You'll fall asleep because that's what your bed is used for at night and sometimes into the late morning. Find a dedicated area with a proper desk and decent lighting. If you don't have a desk at home check out your local thirft stores or social media for good deals.

3. Find a quiet place

  • A house with roommates, sibilings, parents, dogs, and other distractions can ruin your focus. Be honest with the people in your house and let them know that your education is important. Lock the door (if you can) and put on noise cancelling headphones.

4. Stay in touch with your teachers

  • Just because your are not in the classroom doesn't mean that you need to lose out on a relationship with your instructor. If you can't speak to them during class stay in touch via email, zoom, social media - what ever works for you. They are there to help and will one day be writing letters of recommendation for you.

5. Manage your time

  • Time management can be very difficult when each day blends into the next. Keep a routine so you can do school work at the same time each day. If you don't have an online calendar now is the time get one!

My Study Life (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and the internet)

Remember the Milk(iOS and Android)

myHomework(iOS and Android)

Studious(iOS and Android)

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